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MDTA is a Michigan-based association that advocates for the heavy construction trucking industry by identifying and reforming Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) policies and requirements in order to promote DBE growth.

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If you are a truck driver, trucking company, independent operator or support service provider looking to grow your business via training, contract procurement and/or networking and shared services opportunities, consider joining MDTA as a Member or becoming a Sponsor.

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Are you currently a CDL driver who’s ready to level up? MDTA works to train you as a heavy equipment driver – and your training is free! For training apply here or donate to MDTA’s driver scholarship fund.


Advocating for positive change in the heavy construction trucking industry, and assisting women and minorities toward greater participation in building and roadway projects as trained specialized heavy construction truck drivers.

Michigan Diversified Trucking Association (MDTA) is a 501(c)(3) Michigan nonprofit dedicated to assisting women and minorities in the growing industry of heavy construction trucking.

Heavy trucking is an integral component of the site preparation team for roads, buildings and bridge projects, for both new construction and demolition.  Heavy trucking companies haul dirt, rocks, sand, gravel, construction materials and demolition debris to and from construction sites and suppliers.

MDTA’s primary goal is to help women and minorities gain access to the heavy construction trucking industry and grow their companies. We do this through:

  • Providing heavy construction truck driver training in partnership with MDOT
  • Securing funding to cover training cost and driver expenses
  • Offering a membership program for additional resources, support services and access to project opportunities
  • Advocating for the industry on behalf of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)

“The growing heavy trucking industry is experiencing shortages of qualified drivers and MDTA helps fill the gap. By building a strong foundation of talent, as well as working to increase the number of certified DBEs winning contracts, we can positively impact the local economy and trucking community for years to come.”
-Beverly Hannah, President, MDTA


CDL Drivers, Are You Ready to Level Up?

Get certified as a heavy equipment driver – your training is free!

Road, building and bridge projects are booming and qualified heavy equipment drivers are in demand. MDTA’S Heavy Construction Driver Training Program, in partnership with MDOT, offers:

  • No-cost training
  • Classroom and truck yard settings
  • Proficiency in driving dump trucks, gravel trains, flatbeds and lowboys
  • Training in the latest trucking laws and policies

There is NO COST to you for training.

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Are you in need of qualified drivers, or training for your drivers?  Email for details on heavy equipment training.

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